Connect with your power to create
the business of your dreams 

Work with me and you will … 

  become more comfortable charging what you’re worth
  attract clients you love working with
  make more money quickly
  gain the confidence to talk to anyone about your work

I know you can do this because I’ve been there. I struggled for years to build a successful business. No matter what I tried, success seemed just beyond my reach. Then, I discovered a method that removed the emotional blocks that were holding me back. I hired a business coach, made a plan, and my business is growing beyond what I ever thought possible.

Today, my passion is to help solopreneurs like you, to connect with the power you have within you, so you can build the business you deserve.

Does a successful business seem
just beyond your reach? 

Do any of these feel true for you?

  • you are overwhelmed and don’t know what to do next
  • you are uncomfortable discussing your fees
  • you are awkward networking or speaking about what you do
  • you are struggling to make a good income

What if l could show you how to change those thoughts and remove negative messages, uncover your inner power, and achieve a new outlook? Imagine how you will feel when you gain the confidence, clarity, and the creativity you need to build a successful business and increase your income, all while enjoying life.

Contact me and we’ll get started 
on creating your dream business


After joining Frances’ tapping group I saw how using EFT positively impacted our group. I realized that I had deep unresolved emotional issues that I needed to address.

I decided to work privately with Frances to heal a childhood laden with addiction, abuse, negative thinking, perfectionism and lack of love. I have seen several psychologists and psychiatrists over the years who did not address or heal my core emotional issues.

With Frances’ help, support and encouragement I have overcome addiction, anxiety and fear. She taught me how to tap on my own, gave me tapping suggestions when I was stuck and was always there for me.

My business is growing, my relationships are healthy and I am now an EFT practitioner helping people overcome the same issues I struggled with.

I highly recommend Frances Soda. She is extremely gifted and has helped me and numerous others to achieve more productive, healthy, abundant and happy lives.

Margaret Maier