Many years ago I was having many personal problems because of a difficult marriage. I was very unhappy and searched for ways to help me feel better and improve my relationship. I discovered Re-evaluation Counseling, a helpful peer counseling modality.

Eventually I took the training to teach Re-evaluation Counseling, continued reading numerous self-help and spiritual books, studied the Law of Attraction and participated in many types of therapy. My interest in self-help motivated me to get my BA degree in psychology and sociology. I learned how to analyze and understand how our life experiences shape us, particularly those from childhood.

In 2005 I discovered EFT, an effective mind/body energy psychology. In contrast to the other methods I’ve experienced, EFT resolves emotional and physical pain with gentle techniques in a fraction of the time and often in minutes. Another thing I loved about EFT was this intention by founder Gary Craig which resonated with my belief system, “EFT’s larger goal is to pave the way for true spiritual awareness. As EFT reduces our angers and fears it paves the way for enhanced levels of personal peace and true forgiveness.”

Because I was so excited by how quickly EFT worked for me, I became passionate about sharing this process with others. I decided to become an EFT practitioner and studied all of Gary Craig’s DVD trainings. In 2007 I received an Advanced Certificate of Completion from EFT Master Dr. Patricia Carrington. To further improve my skills, I trained with EFT Master Lindsay Kenny in California and attained EFT Level 111. I also studied Advanced Applications of EFT with EFT Master Dr. Carol Look as well as many of her and other practitioner’s courses.

As a business woman, I owned and operated a jewelry import business and an Interior Design consulting business and for 30 years helped my real estate customers with their housing needs. Now I use my experience and training to help other solopreneurs. Like anyone starting a new business, I bumped up against some brick walls. My clients loved me and their results were amazing but I couldn’t seem to get past a certain income level. I was stuck. After a lot of tapping I decided that I couldn’t do it all myself. I hired the right people, took action and grew my business. I had wasted time and energy which cost me money.

When others noticed the changes in my business they wanted to know what I did. Now I am sharing my expertise with other solopreneurs so they can avoid the pitfalls I experienced and grow their business faster and make more money.

I now teach EFT in workshops, conduct ongoing group sessions or tele-classes, as well as helping clients privately, in person, by telephone or Skype. My unique style combines EFT, NLP, the Law of Attraction, spirituality, humour and especially intuition to get results for my clients.